Our process always begins by listening to our clients."  

Our client's say they experience the character of  "Forefront's C's". They find us compassionate, consistent, and competent, bringing clarity, as we contribute to their continued success

Folks ask, "What do we do at Forefront"?  The answer is simple yet complex, we build, we manage, we protect, and ultimately transition the wealth of our select group of clients, their families and businesses.  

Our process always begins by us listening.  We learn about their current situation, their past experiences, and what they want for their future. We strive to understand. 

Then we go to work.  We study, test, analyze, and model strategies to meet their needs. Our solutions are built on the four cornerstones of wealth management:

  1. Investments,
  2. Banking services and liability management (mortgages and loans),
  3. Risk management (insurance and other asset protection strategies), 
  4. Trust, estate, and fiduciary services.  

Then with our client's permission we will implement their plans, always in a independent, objective and cost effective manner. 

We then monitor and evaluate our progress. We make adjustments when there are material changes in the markets, tax laws, or when there are major changes in the lives of our clients, their families, or businesses. 

We are at the Forefront and fully prepared serve.  Don, Lisa, Sasha, Eileen and Carl, have accumulated wisdom, judgement, and training of over 80 years of combined service. 

We get a little carried away when asked about all we do at Forefront. 

Our time tested process starts by listening, and we'll prove it to you. Please tell us about your situation and we can focus on what is most important to you.

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